iNTA-SEGA 2009:Bridging Innovation, Technology and Tradition

iNTA-SEGA 2009:Bridging Innovation, Technology and Tradition

Holistic approaches to (rapid) sustainable architecture and environment

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The International Network for Tropical Architecture (iNTA) was established in 2004 as an attempt to create a network between the architectural profession and related fields. The first iNTA conference was held in Singapore in the same year to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners in tropical and subtropical regions to communicate with one another. It raised questions and awareness in architecture and urban design in the tropics. The second iNTA conference was held two years later in Indonesia and followed up on issues raised in the first conference as well as having focused on the issue of maintaining harmony in culture and nature.

In 2003, the 1st International Conference on Sustainable and Green Architecture (SEGA 01) was organized in Thailand. Its outcomes indicated that long term sustainable development can only be achieved if sustainable energy and green architecture are considered together.

In order to continue the aims of iNTA and to promote emerging technologies and innovation, the third iNTA conference will be a collaboration between iNTA and SEGA. The upcoming iNTA / SEGA event will take place in December 2009, and will encourage people from diverse disciplines to meet, share their experiences, and to give new perspectives in sustainability for built environments. It will aim to address a significant challenge for tropical environments: how to be innovative in order to keep up with rapid developments, while preserving traditions for sustainable architecture and environment. The goal is by bridging innovation, technology, and tradition, new opportunities will emerge for these aspects to coexist, interrelate, and to work together for a more sustainable future.

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